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I have been a newspaper publisher for over 30 years, but my real passion is writing murder mystery novels mixed with a tiny bit of sex. Let’s face it, if Satan hadn’t nailed Eve in the Garden, where would any of us be today? Or would there even be a today?

I almost graduated from college, but became a morning disc jockey instead – number one ( 4 years) in a small Maine market (three other stations). I took a shot at the Ministry and did some Lay preaching. I don’t think the humor I learned waking people up went over that well, so I moved back to my home base, Greater Boston, did some homework, and discovered that every industry has some kind of trade paper, daily, weekly, monthly.

So, with two other novices, I launched a weekly trade newspaper covering New England commercial real estate. The timing was excellent and it worked, becoming the largest of its kind in the country. Despite the tech world that doesn’t help anything in print, the newspaper still is popular and feeds a bunch of families (including mine), but I now spend 24/7 creating interesting/unique plots and writing about them.

My two latest were released by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

The Eyes of Death

The Eyes Of Death, is already being discovered and is a good, easy read..

The twenty-nine year-round inhabitants of Fawn Island located off the coast of Cape Cod shrink to twenty-eight as a local handyman is found dead in mid-winter off season. Murdered? Maybe. But the area DA goes out of his way to keep the Cape Cod and island reputation as clean as possible, especially since it is the home of the famous Kennedy family. He hires a local reporter to interview all the remaining residents and prove that the death was an accident.

Altruism Costs A Life

Altruism Costs A Life – or More is ‘hot off the press!’

The 7 deadly sins count against you at death—does altruism change anything?

A man drowns saving a little girl from the same fate on a freezing wintry day. He returns to earth after his death for a big lesson. Will he be able to step into someone else’s life and achieve redemption?

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Massachusetts, USA